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Health on Main Unionville

Dr. Nadine Cyr ND  -  Naturopathic Doctor 

At your best.


About Dr. Nadine

My passion and enthusiasm for my work is grounded in my deep alignment with the body’s innate ability to heal and in the healing power of nature. I am driven to find the root cause of dis-ease to bring healing to the whole and as such, treat my patients holistically, not symptomatically. Now in my 25th year of practice, I combine my intuitive senses with my medical training, blending evidence-based medicine with long-established diagnostics and natural therapies to pinpoint the root of imbalance and what is needed to re-establish homeostasis. 

About My Clinic

Nestled in the heart of historical Unionville, within the city of Markham, Health on Main was created to offer authentic, practical, and holistic naturopathic health care to those looking to take their health, physically and energetically, to the next level. Through genuine connection, and with sustained presence and attentiveness, I’m committed to creating a safe space to guide people in a hands-on engaging way toward their desired health and life goals. My goal is to empower patients with the tools they need, leave them informed, motivated, and equipped to reach optimal health and find the expression of their highest self.


Naturopathic Medicine

Biotherapeutic Detox

Holistic Lifestyle & Nutrition

Herbal Medicine



Flower Essences


Labs & Diagnostics

Blood Tests

DUTCH Complete

GI Map

IgG Food Allergies

Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle hands-on therapy to assess and release tensions within the central nervous system. Promotes a feeling of well-being by soothing pain, and emotional and physical stress.

Earthing & Grounding Therapy

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